Are you looking for an original art? Discover Yassine Mourit contemporary paintings.

All of the original paintings featured in this collection are for sale.

A breadth of contemporary-conceptual artworks to turn your home interior into an artful sanctuary! At The Villusion you can buy original paintings direct from visual artist Yassine Mourit.

There’s nothing more exciting than an original art. Yassine creates some of the most daring, vibrant and imaginative pieces. 

We have found that Art collectors, like you, enjoy the experience of buying art directly from the artist because you are given an insight into the thought processes that lay behind each painting's production. 

Of course you can still see Yassine's paintings for sale at galleries in London. Please email us for more information.

Looking to get a bespoke piece, simply email us for any commissioned work.

The perfect way to start your own art collection.

We ship worldwide!

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